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About Us – Australia

Who is a plan manager?

Managing your own NDIS plan and looking into all of the funding aspects can be stressful. Why not let someone handle everything for you, in a very transparent way, while you enjoy your life to the most?

At Pro Plan, we act as financial intermediaries, liasing with your service provider and manage your NDIS funding. Think of us as your personal NDIS bookkeeper and guide. Plan Managers take care of the invoicing hassle for you, pay your service providers on your behalf, and help you budget your funding (your “plan”).

NDIS Plan Management Melbourne

What we do?

As your plan manager, we are here to take the stress out of
managing your NDIS plan and budget. We ensure that all invoices are processed efficiently and in a timely manner.

We also submit your claims to the NDIS portal and look into
re-imbursements, given that it supports your goals and NDIS guidelines. In short, we make your life easier and assist you with any NDIS related issues.

How we do it?

By employing experienced plan managers with years of experience in the NDIS sector to look after your plan, we are able to tailor advices and solutions that suit your needs and work with your plan.

We provide you with stress-free financial management of your NDIS plan and help you keep track of your plan budget

How it helps you?

It saves you time and the hassle of all financial implications linked to managing your NDIS plan on your own. With extensive knowledge in NDIS plan management, we make sure to handle all invoices and make payments on time, which can only positively impact your relationships with services and supports.

Who pays for my Plan Manager?

It’s free of charge for you. The NDIS pays for your Plan Manager.

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NDIS Plan Management?

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Unit 30/22-30 Wallace Ave

Point Cook, VIC 3029


1300 069 776